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Intego Antivirus Mac users, listen up: there is finally an antivirus solution designed specifically for you. Intego Antivirus is an online security tool that focuses primarily on providing protection for macOS. It offers exceptional real-time protection and advanced malware scanning capabilities. This antivirus software is capable of detecting even the most recent and sophisticated threats. For instance, the VirusBarrier application delivers comprehensive protection against all types of viruses, while NetBarrier offers a unique firewall solution for securing both incoming and outgoing traffic.

Additionally, it comes equipped with various other features such as a VPN, system optimization tool, and parental controls. However, there are a few areas that could be improved upon. For instance, integrating the VPN into the app rather than having it as a separate product would be more convenient. Furthermore, the NetUpdate feature seems somewhat unnecessary. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In this Intego review, we will delve into all the essential details about this antimalware software – including its features, pricing, and performance.

About Intego Antivirus

This Intego Antivirus review focuses on examining the features and reliability of this antivirus software, which was originally designed for Mac’s operating system. There is a widespread misconception that Mac computers are immune to viruses, leading people to believe that they don’t need any virus-blocking software. However, this is false, and as a result, many Mac users remain vulnerable to various types of viruses and malware. This leaves their computers and private information at risk. Intego recognized this issue and developed an antivirus solution specifically for Mac users. We have named it the best Mac antivirus software. So, what sets Intego apart? What makes it highly regarded? Let’s delve into these impressive features below.

Expert Summary

Intego stands out as the top antivirus software available for Macs. While finding a reliable Mac antivirus can be challenging, I have personally tested almost all macOS antiviruses and can confidently say that Intego is my preferred choice. Although it may not be flawless, Intego has made significant strides with its two macOS malware protection engines – VirusBarrier and NetBarrier – both of which performed exceptionally well in my evaluation.

  • Mac Washing Machine — system cleaner and optimizer.
  • Personal Backup — advanced data backup tool.
  • ContentBarrier — parental controls (way better than Mac’s parental controls).

Is Intego worth the price? Absolutely! While there are some areas that could be enhanced, like having a unified interface, clearer instructions in certain places, and including a VPN in its main package, overall, Intego is an excellent product. It excels in macOS virus protection and user-friendliness, receiving top ratings.

Intego Antivirus Features

🏅 Overall Rank #5 out of 75 antiviruses
🔥 Firewall
(separate purchase)
🎁 Free Plan
💵 Pricing Starting at INR140/year
💰 Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
💻 Operating Systems Mac

Intego pros and cons

Company Background

Intego has been providing software for Macintosh users since 1997, exclusively focusing on security products for Apple devices. They offer protection for iPhones and iPads as well. Their programs are designed to cater to professionals, security experts, and regular home users alike, ensuring inclusivity. Intego has consistently updated their products to keep up with the evolving Mac operating systems, prioritizing the security aspect. Since its inception, the company has received numerous accolades for its work.

Ease of Use and Performance

Using this software is extremely straightforward. The user-friendly interface provides easily understandable instructions and a wide range of options to choose from. You have the ability to customize your Intego software by specifying how it should handle new connections and devices, when it should send notifications, and which devices and networks it should trust. Even if you’re completely new to this, all of these tasks can be effortlessly accomplished.

Is Intego antivirus good for Mac?

Intego antivirus is widely considered one of the top options for Mac users. It has been specifically designed and developed to cater to macOS products, ensuring optimal performance. The antivirus boasts advanced features that detect and prevent malware, offering real-time protection. It also includes functionalities for optimizing performance and safeguarding online activities. In addition to its robust capabilities, Intego antivirus stands out for its user-friendly interface and exceptional customer support. While the pricing may be slightly higher than average, investing in Intego ensures comprehensive security for your Mac. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a powerful antivirus software, TotalAV is worth considering. It is a leading product in the market and excels in terms of performance.

Security Features

The Intego antivirus software offers a range of security features, including protection against Macintosh malware. Additionally, it provides extra security to prevent the transmission of viruses. If you also use a PC, Intego can offer protection in collaboration with Panda. One of the excellent features is automatic scans, which ensure that files are scanned upon opening and provide continuous coverage whenever your Mac is in use. The antivirus software also checks for updates regularly to assess new threats and ensure constant protection. Another significant benefit is the user-friendly interface, which aligns well with the Macintosh brand.

The software operates efficiently and is easy to navigate and monitor. For users who travel or connect to new networks frequently, Intego includes a location-aware firewall. This firewall not only safeguards your Mac but also blocks connections from untrusted devices and protects your mobile hotspot. Furthermore, Intego provides NetBarrier, a two-way firewall that not only offers anti-spyware functionality but also alerts you when a new connection is established. You can even block remote access attempts to your Mac using this feature.

Additional Features

Additional perks like receiving email notifications when a virus is detected and removed provide users with a better understanding of the software’s actions and alert them to potential threats. Furthermore, the software has the capability to automatically scan any external storage devices connected to your device, including external hard drives and pen drives. Moreover, the software offers:

  • Parental controls with website and application blocking
  • Protects sensitive personal information
  • Cleaner speeds up and organizes your computer
  • Personal Backup software for quick and easy recovery in case of a crash

Plans and pricing

Intego offers three pricing tiers for Mac devices and a single tier for Windows. All tiers include different amounts of Intego apps and features. Here’s the full Intego pricing breakdown:

Plan Price
Mac Internet Security $19.99/year
Mac Security and Performance $26.99/year
Mac Premium Bundle $34.99/year
Intego antivirus for Windows $39.99/year

It is evident that Intego is not the most affordable antivirus option for Mac. The least expensive plan only provides basic protection for Mac. In contrast, the cheapest TotalAV subscription not only costs slightly less but also offers additional features such as ransomware protection, disk cleanup, and system optimization tools. Furthermore, Intego subscription plans do not include a VPN.

To add a VPN to your chosen Mac protection suite, you must pay an additional $19.99 per year. When it comes to payment options, you can pay with PayPal or various credit cards. However, the purchase process requires a significant amount of personal information. You are required to fill out a substantial form with various personal details such as your real name and residential address. Nonetheless, here is a more comprehensive breakdown of what each Intego subscription plan includes:

Mac Internet Security

Intego’s Mac Internet Security plan provides adequate but essential safeguarding for your macOS device. It comprises just one application – NetBarrier X9. However, this solitary app appears to be adequate in defending your Mac from real-time viruses and malware, while also offering a comprehensive and extensive firewall. The Mac Internet Security can be obtained for a single Mac at an initial price of only $19.99 per year.

Mac Security and Performance

Introducing the latest edition of Intego antivirus exclusively designed for Mac. Currently in its beta phase, it is not available for purchase as a complete product. Instead, you can enroll for beta testing and enjoy the benefits of Intego antivirus at no cost. However, it is advisable to anticipate potential bugs during this period. The Mac Total Protection plan encompasses:

  • Mac Washing Machine X9
  • NetBarrier X9

You can get the Mac Security and Performance for $26.99/year for 1 Mac. The price increases after a year.

Mac Premium Bundle

The Intego Mac Premium Bundle is the priciest and most comprehensive antivirus plan available for Mac. It includes all Intego applications, along with real-time protection. Below are the components included in the Intego Mac Premium Bundle:

  • NetBarrier
  • Mac Washing Machine
  • ContentBarrier
  • Personal Backup

You can get the Mac Premium Bundle for 1 Mac for $34.99/year. The price increases after a year.

Intego Windows Antivirus

The starting price for the Intego antivirus solution for Windows is $39.99 per year for one device. If you prefer, you can choose the Family subscription which covers three devices, or the extended subscription that covers five devices. All Intego Windows Antivirus plans come with identical features.

  • Online Web Shield
  • Smart Scan
  • Zero-day protection
  • Financial protection
  • PUA protection
  • Scheduled scans
  • Automatic updates
  • Network security

Number of Licenses and Package Deals

For our readers, we are offering a special promotion on Intego. Instead of the regular yearly license fee of $39.99, you can now purchase a license for just $19.90 per year. If you opt for a longer two-year license, there are additional discounts available. The Intego antivirus software also offers the option to purchase a license for multiple computers and devices. For only $33.99 per year, you can protect up to five computers. Alternatively, if you choose the two-year license, it will cost you just $62.99 instead of the usual price of $134.99. These packages are perfect for small offices and homes with multiple computers and can only be purchased through our provided link.

Customer Support

In terms of Intego customer support, there is not much to complain about. It is convenient that you can reach out to their live chat for immediate assistance with your problem. The support agents are helpful and provide quick responses. Unfortunately, the chat service is not available round the clock. Apart from that, you can request assistance by submitting a form and receive a response via email. It is important to note that the form requires you to provide a substantial amount of information, including your email address, first and last name, country, product name, serial number, and OS version. However, if you have some knowledge in technology, you can refer to their knowledge base which covers various troubleshooting topics ranging from compatibility issues to app setup instructions. Additionally, there is an option to report any new viruses or malware affecting Mac devices if you come across them.

Does Intego have a free trial?

Intego provides a 14-day trial period for all its plans, allowing you to try out their Mac protection without having to immediately pay a large amount. During this trial period, you can freely download any Intego plan or individual app and use them for two weeks without making any payments. However, it’s important to note that the free trial plans can only be accessed through a dedicated Intego Free Trial page. You won’t be able to obtain a free trial when purchasing products from the regular pricing page. Nevertheless, there’s no need to worry as Intego also offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can try their service without any risks and receive a refund if it doesn’t meet your needs.

Bottom Line

Intego’s expertise in Mac is an enormous benefit. Their software has a user-friendly interface and is incredibly simple to install and use, regardless of your familiarity with the Mac operating system. Additionally, they promptly adjust to Apple’s new OS systems that are frequently launched. However, the main advantage is not just ease-of-use; you also require security and the assurance that your computer is impervious to malware. Intego’s award-winning software provides comprehensive and dependable protection, which is why it has been recognized as the best antivirus for Mac on our website.

Is Intego antivirus good? In summary, Intego is an excellent antivirus solution that consistently detects online threats, provides a free version, and is user-friendly. However, it is important to note that it primarily caters to Mac users. While both the Mac and Windows versions offer virus and malware protection, only the macOS version offers a wide range of features for enhanced cyber experience. Additionally, the price of Intego may deter some potential users. If you fall into this category and are hesitant to pay for this Mac antimalware tool, I recommend downloading the free trial as a precautionary measure. Perhaps it will persuade you to reconsider.

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