About US

Top10Antivirus.Org was founded in 2014 with a straightforward objective- to assist people in safeguarding their online privacy. With the growing number of cyber threats, it has become increasingly important to secure one’s online presence. The internet is home to various malicious activities, and Top10Antivirus.Org wanted to address these issues by providing reliable and effective VPN services.

Our Story

Over the years, Top10Antivirus.Org has emerged as a trusted name in the industry, offering top-notch VPN solutions to millions of users worldwide. With the growing trend of governments and companies monitoring and restricting our online activities, it is understandable why numerous individuals desire to retain control over their digital presence.

Who We Are?

The cybersecurity industry is a vast and complex field, often requiring a team of dedicated professionals to address the ever-evolving threats to online security. This team comprises cybersecurity researchers, writers, and editors who work tirelessly to help individuals take back their online freedom. With the experts working together, they are well-equipped to tackle any challenge that arises in the realm of cybersecurity. Their ultimate goal is to make the internet a safer place for everyone by providing valuable insights, tools, and resources to help people protect themselves against cyber threats.

Based On

While over 20 countries across the globe may seem like a small number, it represents a significant portion of the world’s nations. These countries are diverse in terms of geography, culture, and economy. From the Americas to Europe, Asia to Africa, and even Australia, each country has its unique character and history. Understanding these differences and similarities can help foster better relationships between nations and promote global cooperation.

Our Aim

We place great importance on offering expert reviews that are heavily influenced by the experiences of everyday users. Through continuous testing, we guarantee that our VPN reviews and guides are thorough and current, and we also make them available in 29 different languages.

In our commitment to advancing global internet freedom, we have developed complimentary resources to assist you in safeguarding your online security. In essence, our aim is to establish ourselves as a reliable authority in identifying top-notch VPNs, enabling you to browse the internet securely and on your own conditions.

Our Values

Our entire focus at Top10Antivirus.Org revolves around delivering value by being honest, transparent, and dedicated. This also applies to our approach in testing and reviewing VPNs, where we solely rely on real testing to form our conclusions. Our primary objective is to communicate in a manner that is not only truthful but also accessible and relatable.

At our company, we purchase VPNs at their regular price and use them just like any other consumer would. This allows us to offer unbiased reviews that accurately reflect a real user’s experience. Our top priority is always the satisfaction of our readers, which is why we strive to provide objective and independent information. Rest assured that we do not accept payments in exchange for positive reviews, nor do we allow unfounded bias to skew our evaluations or overlook obvious flaws.

Our revenue comes from affiliate commissions, which helps us cover our expenses. If you choose to click on a link and buy a VPN using that link, we may earn a commission without any additional charges for you. However, this does not influence our product reviews. We provide transparent results based on our tests and do not accept payments to manipulate these results. We only recommend VPNs that we personally use and trust regularly.

We have a dedicated team of researchers who are constantly conducting tests on the leading VPNs in terms of speed, security, and reliability. Their aim is to create a shortlist of the best all-round VPNs available. In order to compile this list, we take into consideration both the satisfaction level reported by our readers after purchasing a VPN, as well as our commercial agreements with service providers. Our writers rely on these rankings when creating listicle pages, but they also have the freedom and responsibility to make appropriate changes. After conducting research into specific use cases, they provide unique recommendations tailored to different user needs. Ultimately, our main goal is to assist you in attaining the desired level of privacy, security, and online freedom.

Review Methodology

We employ a comprehensive set of criteria to evaluate, investigate, examine, and monitor the performance of each VPN that we assess. As an esteemed expert in the field of VPNs, our objective is to establish and uphold trust between customers and the industry. Our knowledgeable team has published numerous genuine user reviews that are supported by meticulous testing and research.