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Kaspersky is one of the finest, most tested, and awarded security software of the time, offering an easy-to-use interface, mighty real-time malware protection, with relatively zero impact on system performance. This product has been in the antivirus industry for over 20 years of operation, protecting approximately 400 + million users and employing over 3,500 employees across the globe.

Kaspersky security features are bundled in three major packages namely (i) Kaspersky antivirus, which is an essential product for windows platforms to block viruses and cryptocurrency mining malware (ii) Kaspersky Internet Security, an advanced security and antivirus suite for users privacy and money compatible with PC, Mac, and Mobile platforms (iii) Kaspersky total security, premium security & antivirus suite for users and their kids, that can be run on PC, Mac & mobile. Additionally, the products compose of formidable features like Security cloud, VPN secure connection, password manager, safe kids, rescue disk, and virus removal tools among others.

Note, the Kaspersky products are compatible with major platforms including, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android among others. Also, the above security features come in both free-30 day’s trial and Paid version.

Pros and Cons:

According to numerous Lab tests, Kaspersky is presented with both Merits and Demerits. However, the good news is, the pros overshadows their down-size as displayed below.


Low impact on system performance

Excellent set of features in top tier packages

TDSSKILLER feature on Free Kaspersky enables checking user’s computer for root kits and boot kits

Updated antivirus database

30-days free trial plan


Does not guarantee 24/7 customer support

The entry-level package comes with a very limited set of features


Amidst all the scandals and doubts on the credibility of the Kaspersky products, it remains the strongest security solution securing user’s devices against viruses and several tribes of malware.

Some of the notable security features by Kaspersky solution include but not limited to, malware protection, here it deploys a mechanism known as the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) cloud and heuristic algorithms to protect users from the potential threats that haven’t yet been included in their malware database. That said, the malware protection is always in real-time with various scan options, cutting across detecting USB key-based malware, discovering and recovering damaged files, etc.

Other components that could be installed solitary to bolster the security dynamics are as follows, Kaspersky Cloud Protection, a feature optimized for protection against harmful applications and websites by enabling user’s computers to send data to the Kaspersky. Password Manager is a feature that can blend with password vault to store critical documents for the users like payment information. In brief, the password manager is used to secure online and offline credentials of the users through the creation of un-hackable passwords. Secure VPN, connection this is very handy for internet users who frequently access the public or open WIFI connection. The feature helps to protect the client’s data from malicious users by providing a private connection to a secure network, not forgetting Kaspersky Safe money and privacy cleaner.

Platform and Devices Compatibility

When it comes to this factor (Platforms Compatibility), Kaspersky made a tremendous effort to run in most of the well known Operating systems and devices. Typically, they can run on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android respectively.

However, subscriber planning for the entry-level package (Kaspersky Antivirus) would be limited to only the windows environment. But other top tiers packages are flexible and cover exclusively other platforms as indicated below.

User Experience

The operation and usage of the Kaspersky product do not require any “rocket science”. In other words, you don’t need to be a computer nerd to install, set and use these security solutions. Firstly, it has an intuitive user interface that supports simplistic navigation from one feature to another. Secondly, the installation process is straight-forward which runs at stunning speed compared to some of their rivals. Thirdly, Kaspersky inflicts very miniature impacts on the system performance. According to several AV lab tests, it turns out that it (Kaspersky) presents a range of 8-12 % when it comes to slowing down the system’s performance. This is so far one of the best and industry-leading percentages compared to other rivals, hitting an average percentage of 30%.

Support and Customer services

Via customer supports and services, Kaspersky solutions have vested a lot of efforts in presenting several avenues through which Techy and Non-Technical queries can be asked and resolved. Subscribers can freely access the Knowledge Base, FAQs to choose articles of their interest, Incase, they need direct contact with the support agent. It can be accomplished via chat, ticket system, or phone call supported in multiple languages. Furthermore, Kaspersky has active social media platforms and forums through which its subscribers can share the experience. Note that, this solution (Kaspersky) unfortunately does not support 24/7 chat options, it only runs from 9 am-10 pm 7 days.


Kaspersky solution is one of the versatile products in the antivirus field with a multitude of features for the clients to choose, depending on their “wallets, security needs and numbers of the device”. One important thing to note though, this antivirus equally offers a 30-days free trial version that could allow the new users to first test their services before considering a decision to join the Kaspersky family.

The paid versions are predominantly categorized under three major plans (Kaspersky Antivirus, Internet Security and Total security) with possession of varied features coupled with a money-back guarantee.

Note: The above image depicts the pricings and discounts at the time of writing this review. Besides, the initial cost for the first time subscribers is always far cheaper compared to the subsequent renewal plans. So, it is advisable to purchase this package 2 or 3 years half front to avoid incurring additional expenses.


Being one of the most tested and awarded security solutions across the globe, Kaspersky is indisputably a market leader in fighting the malware and virus infections by continuously updating their antivirus database engines.

Therefore, Kaspersky's solution got you covered whenever you intend to protect your PC, Mobile devices and the entire digital world.

Consequently, they fully fledge to protect against the latest virus, ransomware, spyware, and crypto lockers among other malicious programs and hacks.

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