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The name Avast is an acronym for “Anti-Virus – Advanced Set”, which is a computer antivirus brand formerly dubbed as Alwil software (the brainchild of Avast Software). It is undoubtedly one of the most popular and recognized brands in the antivirus industry with over 400+ million and in the counting of devices under its protection.

The company is based in Prague, Czech Republic with majors in research and development of computer security software, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The products come in the forms of Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Premium Security, and Avast Ultimate flavors, animated with flexibility and versatility as their staunch selling point, on top of excellent antivirus protection, VPN services, secure browsers, and intuitive user interface.

One key impeccable feature that sets Avast antivirus aside from the rivals, is the free version which offers resolute protection at no cost to users on multiple platforms cutting across Microsoft windows and Servers, macOS, Linux, not forgetting Android devices.

Note; much as it is still one of the leaders in the race of antivirus solutions, Avast had a scandal last year (2020) for selling private(sensitive) data of its users to advertising and tech companies like google. These data included, YouTube views, browsing history, and Google Maps locations.

This one pertinent downsize, has since then caused a lot of trust issues with the Avast subscribers, especially for users who care much about their private data.

Pros and Cons:

In the real world, everything is always black and white, and so with Avast antivirus. In this section, we take you down the aisle to break down the Pros and Cons of this product so that users can make a very informed decision before buying without remorse.


Excellent protection for all devices

Impressive detection/removal rate

One of the fastest and more secure antivirus

Intuitive, easy, and User friendly


Scandals on user’s privacy

Slow Scan especially while performing boot scan.

Without further or due, we need to demystify the underlying facts and truth behind the operation for Avast antivirus solution by answering questions like;

 Is Avast antivirus secure and safe?

 What is their base in terms of devices and platforms?

 Is the product worth money for value or not? In terms of pricing

 How about customer supports? Are they reliable?



When it comes to the security aspect, Avast antivirus solution (free, premium security, and ultimate versions) performance is always top-notch

As one of the industry-leading, and formidable antivirus solutions since 1991, Avast antivirus has made name for actively partaking in the independent lab test for their products especially with the AV Comparative and VirusBulletin.

According to the real-world protection report for August – October 2020, Avast was able to block around 99.7% of the widespread malicious samples used in the test. Additionally, the malware protection test dated September 2020 witnessed 100% protection against online and offline threats, with 92% of threat detections.

Figure 1: Showing a real-world protection report by AV Comparative

Figure 2: Showing the malware protection test by AV Comparative

Judging by the outcome of the two test results above, we could frankly deduct that, Avast is not the top scorer in the antivirus domain, but certainly, it's up there among the big performance in the league of antivirus solution. Most importantly, it’s one of the most secure free antiviruses at the disposal of users on the market for this 21st century

Platform and Devices Compatibility

Via platforms and device compatibility, Avast is a real deal to the users. It seamlessly runs on numerous environments like Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, and iOS among others.

To shed more light, Avast's leading technology is now available for Mac which includes the same antimalware technologies as its older sister, Avast Antivirus for Windows. They combine multiple layers of protection namely; Wi-Fi network analysis, antivirus, Web screen protection against downloading infected files from the Internet, not forgetting mail screen.

Further still, Avast antivirus is a blessing to mobile users (iOS or Android), it’s very handy especially when the user needs to boast their phone performance, device tracking in a scenario of theft, and malware blocking.

User Experience

In a nutshell, Avast Performance for the last two decades has been unrivaled. One of the biggest merits on the table is the ease of usage, animated with an intuitive interface, allowing even the noobs users to navigate their ways around (download and installation).

The Avast free antivirus is one the finest free antivirus solutions. It does not only search for viruses and malware but, additionally offers a conglomerate of functionalities such as; detecting out-of-date software, network issues, malicious browser add-ons, weak passwords, and unprotected sensitive documents.

Avast Omni is the latest feature for Avast solution coined as a result of rapid development in the internet tech domain. it (Avast Omni) is a system that protects the entire user’s home by creating robust security for the entire home network.

Next, the Avast premium security offers a holistic performance by protecting users against spyware, viruses, phishing attacks, and other families of malware. Additionally, it offers a robust firewall, ransom shield, and sandbox for testing files virtually.

Furthermore, the Avast Business Antivirus provides File Shield to scans applications and files before being run or open, Rescue Disk that help users create backups and save data on an infected computer, not forgetting CyberCapture capability to send potentially dangerous files to the Threat Lab for analysis

Support and Customer services

When choosing an antivirus product, clients are always very inquisitive on what strategy or methods are synched in place to answer queries, concerns, and or solve technical glitches. So, for Avast antivirus with quite a huge base for the community(users), the need for professional customer services is irrefutable.

At the time of writing this review, we found out that, Avast offers a basic level of customer service, with handy FAQs to help users resolve their issues. Additionally, a subscriber can get in touch with the support service via ticket form on the site

For users who might need more than just basic support, they can subscribe for options like Avast care, which presents features like 24/7 support (Phone), remote virus & spyware removal, plus remote troubleshooting among others. Note: the plan, however, costs around $39.00/ year with a guarantee to fix any user’s issue.


The question of “value for money” is very imperative, especially for first-time product subscribers. To demystify on such a quiz, we subjected Avast antivirus to test to ascertain whether the product is worth buying.

First, we looked at the money-back guarantee. Here we discovered that Avast like most of the other antivirus providers offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. However, the policy applies to clients who purchase their product subscriptions using only options like, online purchase via the official Avast website or offer within another Avast product on windows, PC, or Mac.

Note: The policy doesn’t apply to Avast products purchased through, Retail stores or third-party resellers and Google play or the app store

When it comes to prices, Avast solutions is a jack of all trade. The product line caters to both individual's and companies’ niches. The option for Avast’s all-in-one business plan is yet another selling point. All you need to do is select how many users you need to subscribe to and which operating systems they run.

The prices of this package (Avast’s all-in-one business plan) ranges from; Mac $36.00 a year per user, windows $59.99 a year per user, server $46.99 a year per user, and Linux $259.99 a year per user

Below is a breakdown of a typical Avast product’s compendium on the market as of the time of this review.

Figure 3: Showing the prices for Avast antivirus


After several tests, we can confirm that Avast Antivirus is not the cheapest security solution on the market. All we can say is that it has outstanding anti-spyware and anti-malware that any user ought to check out.

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