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Scan guard antivirus is a product of SS Protect Limited which is used by millions of people for securing their mobiles, tablets, and computers. These products use a very powerful antivirus engine and provide very simple user interface with many features which makes it complete solution for security of computers. Scan guard is helping people and different organizations in securing their all computers and data on these systems. The products of this company are providing different kinds of protection against different kinds of attacks on different platforms. According to the official website of Scan guard, there are more than ten million people downloaded this product globally.

Pros and Cons:

All the antivirus products of Scan guard provide all-in-one solutions for securing the systems of users. Usually, users are looking for the solution which fulfills all the needs of user at one place. Due to advancement in cyber-attacks demand of antivirus is increasing which can tackle all the attacks. Scan guard is a product that provides complete protection of the systems of user and its family.

Products of this company offer antivirus engine which is super-fast and provides protection in real-time with the dedicated teams of an expert which are available for resolution of problems regarding Scan guard. Scan guard also offers VPN for the securing data of users online. There is also an option of a password manager for saving and managing all the passwords through one place. This product also provides ad blocking options. These products are also providing different privacy tools for stoppage of data leakage. Due to continuous usage systems become slow products of Scan guard also provide different tools for optimization and speeding up of the systems. Products of this company are not tested by third-party lab but users give very good views of this product.


Antivirus engine of this product is very fast and powerful

Quality of product is very much higher than its price

Graphical interface of this product is very pleasant

Provide very powerful parental control


This product is not third party lab test verified

Customer support service is also not very good

There are some compatibility issues on some devices.

Every antivirus solution which is available in the market has some pros and cons, same like other antiviruses Scan guard antivirus also comes with pros and cons. The consequences and some benefits of this product are listed below.  


This product is protecting devices by using different ways and the latest technologies. This product performs all the tasks regarding protection without slowing down the system. Even during real-time protection these products not become the cause of slowing down of the system. This tool is one of the best software for privacy protection. Basically, the products of Scan guards are new in the market and work for providing the best solution to the users. This software use antivirus engines that automatically quarantines the fishy things in the system and ask you to take action against them. The tune-up tools make system faster and easier to use. The file manager facility helps users to remove duplicates files. But this product not passed any third-party lab test.

Platform and Devices Compatibility

The products of Scan guards are available for different operating systems like Windows, MAC, IOs, and android. These products can also be used on different systems like mobile phones, computers, and tablets.

User Experience

Scan guard proves itself as a very good product when it comes to its usability. Design of the dashboard of this software is very user friendly and easy to use. Navigation of official website and software is also very good and user friendly. Downloading and process of installation is also very easy. A user can easily use all the features of this software through its software Access to advances setting of this software is also very easy and common user can get access to these setting and make changes. Configuration of this software is also very easy and user friendly.

Support and Customer services

Customer service of Scan guard is very good. This software provides the dedicated team of technicians for the resolution of scan guard related issues. User can get access to customer support by sending email or starting live chat. There is also a section of frequently asked questions from where user can get help to solve his issues. Customer can also submit a ticket for the query by filling the web based form on the website. There are also some articles for resolving the issue of customers. But its call support service is usually tells the information regarding billing and not answer regarding technical issues. 


When we talk about price Scan guard comes with three variant and provide a chance of selection to the user to fulfill its requirements. Package 1 is named as essential antivirus and provides protection to 1 device for the time of one year but its resubscription price is very much high. It provides all kinds of protection to your one system. Package two is named as Pro antivirus this virus has same feature as the first package but it can be used on 3 devices. This package also provides the password vault to keep the passwords safe but you have to pay an extra forty dollars for this vault.


No doubt market is full of antivirus software but still new software is coming. Scan guard is also new to the market and creating its name in the market. This product is becoming viral due to its functions. According to users, this product provides complete security for the systems but this product is still not tested by third-party independent lab and got no certificate from any agency. But it is also fact that acceptance of this product is increasing. All the packages of this software provide complete protection with the same powerful antivirus engines and VPN. So, users can select any package without any hesitation to fulfill its need.

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