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Best Rated Antivirus 2021
9.9 /10
(4128 user reviews) TOTALAV
Bester Antivirus von 2021, mit ausgezeichnetem Antivirus-Schutz.
  • Umfassender Schutz vor Malware

  • Antiviren-Schutz in Echtzeit

  • Browser-Reiniger & -Manager

  • 30 Tage Geld-zurück-Garantie

  • Schützt mobile Geräte vor physischem Diebstahl

  • Sparen Sie 80% auf die neueste 2021 Edition über unseren Link

9.9 /10

(4128 Benutzerbewertungen)

4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot

9.7 /10
(3823 user reviews)
Hochpräziser Virenschutz mit geringen Auswirkungen und Online-Backup-Funktionen.
  • Erweiterte Gerätesicherheit

  • Bereinigen und optimieren Sie Ihren Computer

  • Verhindern und widerrufen Sie Identitätsdiebstahl

  • Schützt Ihre Benutzernamen und Passwörter

  • Preisgekrönte Erkennungsfunktionen

  • 60-Tage-Geld-zurück-Garantie

9.7 /10

(3823 Benutzerbewertungen)

9.3 /10
(3646 user reviews)
Preisgekrönter Antivirus, erhielt 4.6/5 Trustscore auf Trustpilot.
  • Antivirus-Sicherheit in Echtzeit

  • Sicherheit vor Phishing-Betrug

  • Optimierung der Systemleistung

  • Nimmt keine Ressourcen in Anspruch und verlangsamt Ihr System nicht

  • Einer der genauesten Malware-Detektoren

9.3 /10

(3646 Benutzerbewertungen)

8.8 /10
(3525 user reviews)
Starke Sicherheit gegen zahlreiche Online- oder Offline-Gefahren.
  • Verhindern Sie, dass Betrugsversuche Sie erreichen

  • 100% Virenschutz-Versprechen

  • Sicherer vpn für Online-Datenschutzy

  • Elterliche Kontrolle

  • Überwachung des Dark Web

8.8 /10

(3525 Benutzerbewertungen)

8.5 /10
(3125 user reviews)
Einfach zu bedienender Malware-Scanner mit einer hohen Virenerkennungsrate.
  • Antivirenschutz in Echtzeit

  • Smartphone optimizer && Schutz

  • Tresor mit Passwort

8.5 /10

(3125 Benutzerbewertungen)

8.2 /10
(3023 user reviews)
Extrem geringe CPU-Belastung und schneller Scan.
  • Sicherheit und Updates in Echtzeit

  • Großartiger Spam-Filter

  • Ausgezeichnete Bewertungen bei Antiphishing

  • 24/7 Live-Chat-Unterstützung

  • Kindersicherung schützt Kinder

8.2 /10

(3023 Benutzerbewertungen)

8.0 /10
(2864 user reviews)
Umfassender Schutz sowohl für Mac als auch für PC.
  • Nicht-Programmierer-freundlich

  • Sichern Sie Ihr Web-Browsing

  • Schützt Geräte vor allen Arten von Bedrohungen

  • Kein Echtzeitschutz

8.0 /10

(2864 Benutzerbewertungen)

7.8 /10
(2560 user reviews)
Powerful security against numerous forms of online or offline dangers.
  • Quick & easy installation

  • Proficiently handles huge data

  • Makes data stretchy and customizable

  • No protection against dangerous or fraudulent URL

7.8 /10

(2560 Benutzerbewertungen)

7.5 /10
(2354 user reviews)
Schützt vor allen Online-Bedrohungen, einschließlich gefälschter Websites und Ransomware.
  • Exzellenter Schutz für alle Geräte

  • Außergewöhnliche Benutzerbewertungen

  • Shop und Bank online sicher auf jedem Gerät

7.5 /10

(2354 Benutzerbewertungen)

7.3 /10
(2026 user reviews)
Well-balanced security with powerful antivirus capabilities.
  • Good Anti-Virus and firewall ability

  • Remote management working well

  • Excellent Anti-Spyware and Anti-Phishing

  • Unusually annoying firewall pop-ups

  • Very limited parental control

7.3 /10

(2026 Benutzerbewertungen)

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    Why Should You Believe A Word We Say?

    One of the most crucial aspects of selecting the right antivirus is - who should you trust? With fake review sites and fly-by scams everywhere, it is a challenge to find a trustworthy source. Choosing the appropriate security for your digital life is easy with our guide. The sad fact is that most of the teams that recommend antivirus products have never tested or even installed the products themselves. Why should you base your decision on a Top 10 antivirus list generated by a Top 10 marketing group?

    Our goal has always been to maintain our reputation for being the most trustworthy and reliable buying guide for antivirus software. From the very beginning, we took a different approach. Rather than putting together a quick Top 10 list that only included antivirus software with high affiliate payouts, we identified the most reputable antivirus solution providers by researching the market. We opted to only add established brands with a great reputation and broad recognition in the industry. We purchased each antivirus premium package and then we did our research online. We established a benchmark for each antivirus package using our unique proprietary scoring system that we will discuss further below.

    Why should you listen to us? Our team consists of expert software testers and reviewers with over 30 years of combined experience. Trust, integrity and transparency are the basis of our unique approach to recommending antivirus products.

    What Are The Best Antiviruses?

    We examined respected antivirus testing labs for many hours, and we put together any malware and virus detection info we uncovered. Some of the most dependable and trustworthy sources included AV Test and AV Comparatives, however, we did even more research. PcMag, The Anti-Malware Testing Standard Organization, Ars Technica and Project Zero from Google are just some of the whitepapers and articles we also used. By doing this we were able to pinpoint the antivirus software technical requirements and the best way to score each antivirus package.

    Being able to detect threats is important, but it is not the only deciding factor. It is important to consider other key factors, including software specs, user-friendliness and system performance. In our office, we tested them on PC and Mac systems. Once the list of features has been determined and the scoring system was established t for each function, we installed the antivirus programs. Carrying out the tests has been time-consuming, however, we learned a lot about virus protection software by comparing it with others. In the weeks to come, our blog posts will include those features. Although we were almost finished with the scoring table, we still needed to consider one factor more: pricing.

    Should You Invest In The Best Antivirus Software?

    You will find lots of information and entertainment online, but there's also a lot of danger with every click. You may think the best antivirus measure is to stay away from downloading dangerous files; however, this is not the reality.

    Viruses can sneak into your system undetected and you may lose access to your computer or have your data stolen. The worst thing about this is that you won't realize how serious this is until it's too late. Therefore, it's crucial to have some kind of defense on your system. It is still possible to find the best antivirus for your budget even if you do not have too much to spend that will provide the proper protection.

    You can safeguard your computer and your personal info by installing an antivirus program. You can defend your computer from hacker attacks and ensure your information will not get corrupted and infected. It's the best way to relax when trying to work, watch a movie or play on your computer. 

    While there are free options available online, investing in an antivirus is definitely a good idea because of its numerous benefits. You can take advantage of an array of bonuses, which can make you feel much better while browsing the web or downloading files. Online shopping will be safer, secure your whole home network and shield children from unsuitable content.

    Some viruses cause your system to slow down and make some files unreadable. With other viruses, you'll be unable to tell if something's wrong, therefore, staying away from obvious threats shouldn’t be your only option. If you buy security software, you'll be protected from any threats, even if it is hard to detect them. Furthermore, if you experience any problems or get an infection, professional assistance is available from the support team of the antivirus creator. This will keep your computer free of viruses and malware.

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