What is Browser Hijacker?
What is Browser Hijacker?

A malware program is known as a Browser Hijacker. Browser Hijacker makes changes in the settings of the web browser without the permission of the users. It redirects the user to those sites, which do not want to visit. Usually, it is familiar as the Browser redirect virus as it redirects the browser to other suspected websites. A browser hijacker facilitates the browser hijacking.

A browser hijacker can make changes in the default browser search engine and home page. It also causes a slow loading of web pages. A browser hijacker can install several toolbars on the browser. It can also create several pop-ups an alert for advertisements.

The main motive of browser hijackers is to assist the cybercriminal create deceptive advertising income. For example, a browser redirects the homepage of the victim to the search page of the hijacker. After that, the hijackers redirect victim web searches to links the hijacker desires the victim to see, rather than to lawful search engine results.


When the user hits on the search results, the hijacker receives payment. The cybercriminal put a sale on information about the browsing habits of the victim to the 3rd party to get revenue.

Possibly, a browser hijacker has spyware enabling the invader to get the banking information of the user or some other personal data. They can also install ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts data from the computer of the victim. They hold it hostage and demand the money from the victim. They hijack the computer of the victim until the victim sends money to hijackers to unlock their computer.

Removal of Browser Hijackers

It depends on the circumstances to remove the browser hijacker. It is comparatively easy to remove browser hijacker. We will discuss here some important actions to remove the Browser Hijacker.

•     Check the legitimacy of all browser add-ons, extensions and plug-ins by the getting opened the add-ons manager in the browser of contaminated system and eliminate any that are unnecessary and suspicious.

•     You can reset the browser homepage using the browser settings if the browser homepage of the victim has been hijacked. In a few cases, you can control the attack too original default by just resetting the browser settings.

•     If your browser has been hijacked, you can reset by getting cleared the Domain Name System cache of the system. You can also remove the connections to the malevolent system.

•     You can uninstall the infections of Browser Hijacker using Add/Remove function or uninstall a function in the Windows control panel. With this, you can manually remove infections of Browser Hijacker.

If you are not successful with the above steps, it is necessary for you to use the tools of Browser Hijacker. You can get these tools from antivirus software vendors. It is very useful to remove the Browser Hijacker. Even you can keep safe your computer from the effects of all types of viruses using the best antivirus software

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